Wednesday 10 January 2018

The North Tower Airplane Wing Gash and the Gelatin PSYOP

By Mark Conlon

In this short analysis of the first "alleged" plane impact explosion on the North Tower, I am going to demonstrate once and for all, that it was not a secondary explosion, or cutter charges that caused the plane wing gash 6 seconds after the initial explosion captured in the Naudet video footage at 8:46 a.m. on 9/11.

This suggestion has been made by countless 9/11 researchers over the years, and it is my belief that this idea has been deliberately put-out to ostensibly cover-up and conceal something else which took place during the time when the North Tower got its plane shaped hole.

Below, Simon Shack suggested in his short film - 9/11 Amateur film - Part 2, that a secondary explosion or cutter charges caused the plane wing gash 6 seconds after the initial explosion.

Below, Shack claims that the secondary linear explosion is made 6 seconds after initial impact using pre-placed charges.

When we study the Naudet video closely, this isn't what we observe regarding the behaviour of the explosion, which Shack, Ace Baker Jim fetzer and others have ostensibly claimed was a secondary event.

Detailed analysis and short video below:

Below, we can observe how the wind drifts the bright ball of glowing fumes across the North Tower face, in a westerly direction.

Below we can see how the glowing ball of fumes conceals the initial impact area, but as the wind drifts the glowing fumes across the face of the North Tower it begins to reveal the wing gash and plane shaped hole.

As wind continues to drift the fumes across the North Tower face it exposes the already made but hidden plane shaped hole, thus creating the illusion that the wing gash was created 6 seconds after the initial impact. It is the behaviour between the wind and the glowing fumes combined which creates the illusion of the appearance of the wing gash. This proves the plane wing gash was NOT made 6 seconds later, as suggested by various 9/11 researchers, however was simply an illusion.

Here's a short video below, highlighting the behaviour of the fireball and the reveal of the wing shape:

This video demonstrates without a shadow of doubt, that the plane wing shaped gash did not appear 6 seconds after the initial impact time. It was just concealed by the fumes which eventually drifted westwards across the face of the North Tower revealing the plane wing gash.
The Gelatin Art Students PSY OP & Cover Up of Advanced Technologies...

The Naudet video footage above has been cited by many 9/11 researchers such as, Ace Baker, Jim Fetzer and later Rebekah Roth, as evidence of proof of involvement of the Israeli art students group called Gelatin, who they allege are responsible for pre-planting the cutter charges and explosives in the North Tower to create the plane shaped holes. It is my belief (based on evidence) this story is a convenient cover story to conceal more significant evidence involving more "unconventional" means to create the plane shaped holes and also the illusions of the planes in the sky in New York.

Firstly, the Gelatin art students were not Israeli, they were Austrian. Secondly, they were not in the South Tower, so this does not account for the creation of the plane shaped hole in the South Tower building. Thirdly, the Gelatin art group were housed on the 91st floor of the North Tower, and the North Tower damage was between the 93rd - 97th floors. Finally, at the time of "alleged" impacts in the North Tower at 8:46 a.m. and the South Tower at 9:02 a.m. the earth's magnetic field fluctuated and spiked. As far as I am aware, bombs, explosives or plane crashes cannot cause the earth's magnetic field to fluctuate and spike in this fashion. This evidence has been concealed from public knowledge. See below:

The magnetometer fluctuations are indicative of some type of field interference taking place on 9/11, which happened during every event on 9/11. All 4 plane crashes and the destruction of the North Tower, South Tower and WTC 7.  Please watch this short segment taken from the - 9/11 Alchemy "Facing Reality" film below:

Watch Film Here: 9/11 Alchemy "Facing Reality"

It is my belief after carefully studying the Gelatin art student story, that the story was created and used to conceal the evidence I have cited above, thus to aid the promotion of "conventional" means to explain the creation of the plane shaped holes in the buildings, and also cover up the use of a sophisticated holographic "image projection" technology to create planes in the sky, which many people observed, photographed and videoed on their camcorders, thus why the "video fakery" PSY OP cover story was invented and introduced to conceal anomalies captured in the video and photographic evidence record - example, missing wings on the planes and lack of crash impact collision physics between the building and plane.

The name 'Gelatin' also implies explosives if you check the dictionary. 



However, 'Gelatin' is also related to holographic technology, as it provides 100% diffraction. Also it is referenced to in a declassified IDA Memorandum - An Israeli document from April 1987 called Critical Technology Assessment - Israel and NATO Nations. See Below:

So could 'Gelatin' be a cryptic clue as to the type of technologies deployed to create the plane shaped holes in the buildings and also the plane illusions in the sky on 9/11? At the same time we have the idea being promoted with a story reported in the New York Times on 18th August 2001 in relation to the Gelatin art students which has gained traction in the alternative media which ideally has created a cover story about them being Israeli art students and "bomb experts" which aids the cover-up of unconventional advanced technologies involved to create the planes shape holes and plane illusion. Ace Baker, Jim Fetzer and later Rebekah Roth have promoted this false story about the Gelatin art student group. They are not bomb experts, or Israeli, neither were they in the South Tower, which Ace Baker claimed in his Film - The Great American Psy Opera. Ace Baker's background is very suspect which I have written about here in this blog post and also Simon (Hytten) Shack's behaviour which Andrew Johnson wrote about in an article. Simon (Hytten) Shack also has usual connections with his brother's (Mario) sponsorship deal with the Bin Laden Group, and Shack's father worked for the United Nations. Shack also confessed to having done paid work for the European Space Agency. It is also interesting how the mainstream media have left the Gelatin art students story up online since 18th August 2001 which has helped to create this misleading "false" story, when more important evidence has been removed online. We have to consider that the story was deliberately put out and left up online for this very reason. Why is Ace Baker, Jim Fetzer and others so trusting of this story, when they know all too well how the mainstream media works; perception management and psychological operations?


From my analysis of the plane wing gash formation, it was not made by conventional explosives or cutter charges that were activated 6 seconds later, something which has been promoted by Jim Fetzer, Ace Baker, Simon Shack, Rebekah Roth and other researchers, who are most likely promoting this false information to conceal the involvement of "unconventional" technologies used instead to create the plane shaped holes in the North and South Towers and plane illusion in the sky. The Gelatin art students story has acted as a cover story and perception management mainly in the alternative 9/11 truth groups, which ostensibly introduced a "false" explanation for the creation and formation of the plane shaped holes and promote the use of conventional explosives, while ignoring and concealing evidence of the use of unconventional technologies such as, holographic and directed energy. It is interesting also what role the "video fakery" cover story PSY OP played to explain the anomalies captured in peoples' video and photographic evidence. Something I have written about extensively throughout my blogs.

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