Thursday, 17 May 2018

Killtown & Ace Baker's Michael Hezarkhani Video "Audio Fakery" DECEPTIONS

 By Mark Conlon

Hello friends, I have done a video analysis of some claims made by Killtown and Ace Baker in relation to alleged "audio fakery" in the Michael Hezarkhani video. I will demonstrate in my analysis that their was a "deliberate" attempt to mislead people towards the wrong conclusion and cast doubt in peoples' minds over the authenticity of the Michael Hezarkhani video. It took some explaining because of the nature of their decpetion, however I thought it was best to explain it using video format rather than writing it in an article format. I didn't find it easy to present this analysis and it took me half an hour to explain it all in the video, however I have known about this deception for 4 years and thought it was time to put the record straight and expose those two shills for what they are. I know I'm not the best film editor, but hey my message and analysis is honest.

I will consider adding some written notes to this post in the furure to add more information, however for now I think the video explains the deception and misdirection carried out by both Killtown and Ace Baker. 

Thanks you for watching and caring! 

Saturday, 7 April 2018

Methodical Creation of a Methodical Illusion - Rebekah Roth

By Mark Conlon

Hello, just a little update as I haven't posted any new research lately. I have been conducting new research into a slightly different area of 9/11 looking at all four crash sites where evidence appears to be covered-up or muddled-up. Again we have the usual people who seem to be planting false information into the public domain to steer people away from evidence which suggests something different took place at all four crash sites. I have been interviewed for a new film by Christian Hampton which will be coming-out sometime this year where a lot of the "new" evidence shall be presented. It will give a completely different perspective on the events of 9/11. I am sure it will highlight why evidence has been concealed from the public, and over-looked or covered-up by some of the "alternative" 9/11 researchers. 

In the last few blog-posts I have promoted some other people's research, which I consider well informed and relevant in highlighting the "cover-up" and "psychological operations" in the promulgation of "false" information which keeps doing the rounds across the internet. In this blog I want to draw attention to Rebekah Roth who is someone I have been very sceptical of in the past, especially because in her interviews she suggests "video tricky" took place in relation to the 9/11 video evidence of "Flight 175" impacting the South Tower and also she claimed she watched the plane on her TV melt into the building, which was impossible because there were no live shots which directly showed alleged "Flight 175" entering the South Tower building only videos which came-out many hours later after the events had happened and shown on the News. Perhaps a touch of false memory syndrome..? 

So firstly I would to encourage people read Andrew Johnson's article called Methodical Creation of a Methodical Illusion which he published in April 2015.

As we know there has been much muddling-up in relation to the 9/11 planes or no-planes and in Roth's case it is a "Methodical Creation of a "Methodical Illusion". 

Secondly, I would also encourage people to watch this excellent analysis by Betsy McGee, where she analyses Roth's statements in an interview she did where she talks about a flight attendant's phone call. See video below: 

If anyone would like to contact me, you can use the "contact form" in the side-bar of my blog-page on the right towards the bottom. Please keep an eye open for the new podcasts which will be coming soon. Also check many of the resource links in the side-bar of the blog with lots of useful information. Once again, thank you for reading, watching and also for caring... 

Sunday, 11 March 2018

"New" Article By Chris Hampton of Wolf Clan Media - '9/11 - Space & Perception'

By Mark Conlon

Following-on from his last article recently posted here, Chris Hampton of 'Wolf Clam Media' shows evidence of "perception management" and cover-up around the use and existence of Directed Energy Weaponry used to destroy the World Trade Center buildings.

Another excellent article exploring some of the strange clues surrounding this technology, almost cryptic at times to gain consent, as the evidence and dots are slowly being connected. This involves many familiar so-called alternative truth-movement people, who appear to be helping to cover-up this technology. Thanks Chris for doing this valuable research.

Thanks you for reading and caring....


Wednesday, 7 March 2018

"New Video" Conspiracy Cuber's - Response to Steve De'ak, His Theories, and the Formation of the Plane Shaped Holes

By Mark Conlon

I would like share another excellent piece of analysis by Conspiracy Cuber. In this new video he dispelled the claims made by Steve De'ak, who proposes "multiple missiles" caused the plane shaped hole damage at the WTC North Tower. In his analysis of the plane shaped hole damage Conspiracy Cuber demonstrates clearly use of a different process to cause the damage to steel beam/girders, which is consistent with the characteristics of a "Directed Energy Weapon", and also show disruptions in the earth's magnetic fields during all four points in NY.  

Also analysed were the missile reports which De'ak cites as evidence of missiles, which are inaccurately cited by De'ak, as no one can be identified or coming from anonymous sources and second hand reports.  

Also dealt with in this video is Steve De'ak's inaccurate reporting of communications between myself and Conspiracy Cuber, where De'ak accused myself of "deleting" my YouTube comments from a thread I was involved on De'ak's YouTube video. De'ak made a big-deal about this, but ignored information to my YouTube channel being terminated by YouTube, but still reported "falsely" that I had "deleted" my comments. Still reported inaccurately in De'ak's articles, even though he has been informed of the situation yet in the name of being accurate shows a total disregard for being honest in his reporting of what was exchanged in the comment thread, and is also noted how he "ignored" Conspiracy Cuber's offer of a PDF file of all the comments exchanged, which he has distorted when referring to the exchanges between us.

So I am glad this point was addressed in this video, and also the treatment of Conspiracy Cuber who merely challenged De'ak on his website regarding his theories, where De'ak blocked Conspiracy Cuber, which is a bit rich after De'ak mocked myself for not allowing comments on my blogsite, only contact via a "Contact Form" button directly to me. Note: De'ak did not use the contact form options on my blog, opting to make his communications public, yet then accused myself and Conspracy Cuber of "stalking" him when reading his public comments, which again is the type of double-speak we hear from Steve De'ak over and over and over again. This video is an excellent documentation of the evidence which needs addressing.

Conspiracy Cuber's video below: 

This is a great piece of research which correctly explains the observed evidence in relation to the plane shaped holes, and how they were made by use of a Directed Energy Weapon. The evidence supports this and De'ak is ignoring the magnetometer data and the unexplained fraying of the beams, and how Edna Sintron got to her position location in the plane hole, considering De'ak says the floors were all removed or missing before 9/11. De'ak clings to the "video fakery" theory because without this theory he cannot have 24 missiles hitting the both WTC towers. Steve De'ak cannot explain why there is no missile debris ejecting from the towers. 

Other observations and evidence to be considered...
De'ak cannot explain why there is 'NO' fuel contamination at the "Flight 93" crash site, as missiles he cites that caused the crater in Shanksville have fuel tanks. There should be some ground contamination in that crash crater. There was NOT. The fuel did not simply all burn-up either, observed with the "smoke plume" in a video and photograph. Grass was unburnt, other unusual side-effects were present which De'ak is ignoring or deliberately not addressing, like the fuming in the crater which started on the 12th Sept. He also has taken missile reports in relation to the "Flight 93" event out of context, similarly to what he has done at WTC event. Also you correctly show how he has lied regarding the false statements he made about me deleting my YT comments, which he still has not corrected  As you ask, WHY has De'ak NOT taken his evidence to court. Dr. Wood did, because she wasn't worried about submitting her evidence because of the Smith an Mundt Act. Perhaps De'ak is?

Thank you 'Conspiracy Cuber' for doing this analysis, and thank you to those of you for watching, reading and caring...


Monday, 5 March 2018

"New" Article By Chris Hampton of Wolf Clan Media - "9/11 - Phantom Warfare".

By Mark Conlon

This is an excellent new article '9/11 Phantom Warfare' by Chris Hampton of Wolf Clan Media. I have been in contact with Chris for some months now, dicussing "new" observations of the evidence on 9/11 involving all four events. 

This has been a different direction for me away from my usual video analysis studies and the "video fakery" psy-op. I would like to express that the findings suggested in this article are a shift towards what I now base my beliefs on.

I'd like to thank Chris for acknowledging me and my contribution along the way with his research which led him to write this excellent article. 

I am thankful for Chris putting this article together, as he has connected many dots which needed connecting which has formed a clearer picture of evidence of what really happened on 9/11 and technologies used in the event and the cover-up. I will certainly be discussing more about the evidence contained in this article myself, which forms my new perspective on the events and the cover-up and psy-op. 

'9/11 Phantom Warfare' -

Thank you reading and caring... 

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Andrew Johnson - Interview - "No-Planes" on 9/11 and the Energy Weapons Link

By Mark Conlon

This is an interview with Andrew Johnson on Unite planet YouTube channel. Andrew discusses the "No-Planes" on 9/11 and the energy weapons link.

Andrew talks about how "video fakery" has been used as a Psychological Operation to cover-up an advanced "image projection" technology. 

See 'Unite Planet' show notes below:

Published on 16 Dec 2017
Andrew Johnson joins us once again in the Unite Planet kitchen, to discuss 9/11, the truth behind that tragic day and the evidence of energy weapons used. For more info visit Andrews website

Special thanks to our sponsor and for the credit music
Any donations not matter how small to show your appreciation to Unite Planet will be much appreciated and it will be put towards further interviews/projects

Thank you for watching, and caring.... 

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Demonising the 9/11 Witnesses

By Mark Conlon

In this blog post I want to draw attention and remember the people who witnessed the 9/11 event. It has been rather uncomfortable of late to hear how some so-called 9/11 researchers have been disrespecting people's experiences of that day, just so they can promote their theories. From accusing eyewitnesses to being all liars, who were heroes really, who deserve respect in reality. Same with a number of people who videoed and photographed the events, capturing and documenting as the events unfolded in NYC and Washington. Again these individuals have been demonised by various 9/11 "No-Planes" researchers, such Simon Shack, Ace Baker, BS Registration, Markus Allen and many others, and recently Steve De'ak. 

Having engaged with one of the videographers recently who "heard" and "seen" a "large" plane fly into the North Tower, and analysing many of the other eyewitness reports to both events in NYC, it is apparent to me that they recall what is depicted in all the videos in NYC. Example, Scott Forbes seen the 2nd plane melt into the South Tower, and recalls it as so, even "baffling"  for him how the plane just disappeared into the South Tower building. Nevertheless it is accurately accounted for in all the available video evidence, suggesting that the videos and eyewitness accounts all seem to accurately describe the events they seen, and what is observed in the videos. Some cannot accept this fact, because they are too focused on proving their own outlandish theories instead of looking at the all the available evidence. 

So I am posting this video below of Fire Chief Pfeifer who witnessed the first plane hitting the North Tower building... His experience of what he witnessed in his account accurately matches the available video evidence of both the Naudet video footage and the Pavel Hlava video footage of the first plane. I do 'NOT' have reason to believe that Chief Pfeifer is a "liar" as Steve De'ak claims about all the eyewitnesses, videographers and photographers who don't depict his theory of 11 to 12 multiple missiles striking the North Tower in their accounts.

If anything the eyewitnesses, videographers and photographers are all victims themselves not just because they were witnesses to such an horrific event, because there are such people like Steve De'ak who accuse them of being liars to what they experienced and witnessed, videoed or photographed, and worse accusing them of being party to the conspiracy. 

So I want to spare a thought for all those people who have been wrongly "demonised" by people such as the Simon "Shack Pack" and Ace "Baker Bunch", as they seem to come from the same cut of cloth, with Steve De'ak being no exception... 

Here's Fire Chief Joseph Pfeifer's accounts contained in this video below... 

will leave it up to the reader if they believe Fire Chief Pfeifer's witness account comes from a "liar" as Steve De'ak would have people believe, who continues demonising such people as Cheif Pfeifer, when in reality they were just recounting their experiences of what they witnessed that day... They are the living survivors but now are victims at the hands of a small network of "No-Planes" researchers  who continue to diseminate disinformation.

Anyone wishing to listen to some of the eyewitnesses, videographers and photographers testimonies, here's Jeff Hill's archive of phone calls to them.

Thank you for reading... and caring about the truth.