Wednesday, 22 March 2023

The 9/11 Airplane Magic Show: A New Article By Professor Morgan Reynolds


By Mark Conlon

The 9/11 Airplane Magic Show, is a new article written by Professor Morgan Reynolds in relation to the airplane crashes on 9/11. Morgan Reynolds holds a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Reynolds was formerly chief economist at the US Department of Labour in the first term of George W. Bush, he is now a professor emeritus at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas.

In May 2007, Reynolds filed a Request for Correction (RFC) Qui-Tam documents, and was represented by Jerry Leaphart, who also represented Dr Judy Wood with filing her related documents for her Qui Tam (RFC) also.

You can find the article here:

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Wednesday, 15 March 2023

9/11 Finding The Truth: Andrew Johnson's Presentation - Recorded - 13th March 2023.


By Mark Conlon

Many people around the world have questioned the official story of 9/11 and then found it is almost completely false. In this presentation, Andrew will look at the evidence as to why the story is false, but we will also look at how some elements of the “9/11 Truth Movement” seem to be trying to cover up a secret which has the potential to transform the future of mankind.

Andrew explores the airplanes crashes evidence and also how the WTC towers were destroyed, and why was Hurricane Erin was closest to NYC at about 8am on 9/11? A look at the evidence tells us what happened and, to an extent, how the WTC was destroyed.

Through the evidence uncovered by Dr. Judy Wood, we will discover the connection between energy and 9/11 and why efforts to cover up this connection have been so strong (and largely successful).

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Monday, 23 January 2023

Interview with Rowland Morgan - "Flight 93 REVEALED" From 2007

 By Mark Conlon

This is an interview which I found worthy of a share on my blog. It is from 2007 with Rowland Morgan who is the author of the book - Flight 93 Revealed: What Really Happened on the 9/11 "let's Roll" Flight? This interview was conducted by Guns & Butter in 2007.


You can find the original show here:

You can download Rowland Morgan's - Voices: 40 phone-calls changed the world that day---but were they real? This is a 320 page PDF document:

You can purchase Rowland Morgan's book here:

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Tuesday, 22 November 2022

My Video Response to Tony Gosling's Misrepresentation of Richard D. Hall's 9/11 Planes Research

By Mark Conlon

I have made this short video in response to Tony Gosling's misrepresentation of Richard D. Hall, claiming that Richard D. Hall said, "the planes that hit the World Trade Center on 9/11 were holograms". I show in my video that Richard D. Hall has never said the planes were "holograms", and that Tony Gosling has misrepresented Richard D. Hall's position on the 9/11 planes.

In my video I show Richard D. Hall’s position on the 9/11 planes discrepancies, and that Richard D. Hall does not say “holograms” hit the WTC towers. In fact, Richard D. Hall states he doesn’t know, the type of technology used, but believes there was some solidness (a missile) to whatever it was that hit the WTC towers.


Clearly, Tony Gosling needs to get his facts straight when quoting and attributing "hologram" to Richard D. Hall in relation to Richard's 9/11 planes research. To my knowledge, Richard does not use the word "holograms" to describe the discrepancies with the 9/11 plane crashes.

Furthermore, gathering from the conversation Tony is having with the other gentleman on his show, it demonstrates neither of them have studied the 9/11 plane evidence in any real depth or detail. I doubt both even know anything about the "official" evidence telemetry data discrepancies with the ACARS data, ELT data and BTS data. I would offer some advice to Tony Gosling. If you are going to quote people, at least do it accurately, because you are misrepresenting Richard D. Hall in this case, and perhaps you could acknowledge your mistake and correct your misrepresentation, in fairness as a truthful journalist.

My video response link here:

Sources used in my video commentary:

Tony Gosling – Richard D. Hall comments from 37 seconds into the video

Richard D. Hall – Flight 175 Lecture

Richard D. Hall Holographic & Plasma Technology Comment Video


The Naudet Disappearing and Reappearing Wing Study

Navy Patent 2018: Aircraft Ghost Image 3D Volumetric Projection Counter-Measure Defence System

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Friday, 4 November 2022

9/11: Where Did The Planes Go? Behind-The-Scenes Sneak Preview of Some of the Research For New 9/11 Documentary

By Mark Conlon

This is my (Mark Conlon) behind the scenes conversation I had with Chris Hampton, who is making a new film in relation to the airplanes on 9/11 and what really happened to them, as they clearly did not crash at the named targets we were told. I discuss my new research I have been doing following the 2018 film - 9/11 Alchemy "Facing Reality", which I helped Chris with researching regarding the no-planes and hidden technology. In this conversation I discuss what most likely happened to the airplanes on 9/11. This conversation covers different research to my other body of research about no-planes, and the video fakery/cgi psy-op cover-up and the 3D volumetric image projection technology.

A note from Chris Hampton (Wolf Clan Media) below

"Where did the airplanes go" documentary interview. Behind-the-scenes sneak peek at some of the research that is going into the new 9/11 documentary. Mark Conlon and I recorded this interview in September 2021 for the documentary...

To subscribe to get access to all Chris' films follow the link below, which is also the original upload link to our conversation:

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Friday, 25 February 2022

NEW "Flight 175" Plane Video - Taken From Ferry At Battery Park On 9/11

By Mark Conlon

This is a short blog to inform people of a new 2nd plane (UA175) video captured by Kevin Westly on 9/11 which was uploaded to YouTube on 24th February 2022. The video was taken from the top deck of the ferry in Battery Park, close by to where the famous Michael Hezarkhani video was taken, along with Carmen Taylor's photographs she took.  

Here's the original video source from Kevin's YouTube channel, which can be found here:

Interestingly, Hezarkhani can be seen in the video when Kevin Westly pans around the ferry boat. Hezarkhani was clearly is not using a tripod which was claimed by Steve De'ak. See below: 

The 4 photos below show Carmen Taylor's location on the ferry boat. 3 of the photos are Carmen Taylor's personal photos which she posted to Canadian researcher Jeff Hill on his pumpitout forum after disclosing her location to him during a phone call, explaining where she was located on the corner of the ferry boat, wedged in between the metal box and guard rail, which she shows in her 2 photos. 

If anything, I hope it clears up the matter regarding Michael Hezarkhani and Carmen Taylor being present on the ferry boat in an elevated position which I have maintained for many years since doing various studies of the video and photos.  

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Friday, 12 November 2021

Navy Patent 2018: Aircraft Ghost Image 3D Volumetric Projection Counter-Measure Defence System

By Mark Conlon 

For those who watched the new 9/11 Alchemy "A Big Idea"  documentary film by Chris Hampton of Wolf Clan Media, and are interested in the patent myself and Chris discussed regarding the 3D volumetric "ghost image" projection technology in relation to the airplanes on 9/11, here's a link so you can study the patent in more depth and its potential uses and claims outlined in the document. 

New technology under patent by the U.S. Navy could shift the odds in the favour of stealth aircraft: leveraging lasers to produce plasma bursts that could trick inbound missiles into thinking they’ve found a jet to chase that would actually be little more than a hologram. See Sandboxx video here at this link, or watch the embedded video below: 

Read more about this cutting edge Navy technology:

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