Sunday 27 August 2017

"No-Plane, It Was A Bomb" - Fox News Eyewitness Account - Analysis

By Mark Conlon

On 9/11 at 10:05am Fox News showed an eyewitness giving his very brief account that "it was not a second plane it was a bomb, no second plane" to Rick Leventhal. Many 9/11 researchers' have claimed this is evidence of a "real" eyewitness interrupting a "staged" news event. This video has been widely circulated across the Internet as evidence of "No-Plane at All" hitting the South Tower.  

While I believe this eyewitness's account, I doubt the claims made by some 9/11 researchers that this is evidence for disruption of a "staged" news event. I also question whether this can be used as "absolute" evidence for the "no-plane at all" hit the South Tower building theory. While I do "not" believe the planes we were told hit the North Tower, South Tower, Pentagon or in Shanksville, I "do" believe some type of "object" hit the North and South Towers which people witnessed and believed to be a plane, which they videoed and photographed. 

My reason for questioning the "No-Plane at All" Theory:
Because people such as; Simon Shack and Ace Baker have promoted this theory and produced very dubious research findings in relation to these types of claims, thus to promote the use of inserting and compositing "fake" planes into the television news coverage. It appears from my research that this was deliberately done to cast doubt over the authenticity of the 9/11 video evidence, which has been used to discredit the work of Dr. Judy Wood and also to act as cover-story to conceal the use of some type of advanced "image projection" technology system, which created the image of a plane in the sky which many people witnessed, photographed and video taped. 

Strange anomalies were captured, especially the South Tower crash videos, such as; disappearing wings, impossible speed of the (Flight 175) plane, and also a lack of crash physics of the plane impacting the South Tower building, which is why "video fakery" was promoted as the answer and to explain the strange anomalies within the videos and photographs.   

Logical questions should be asked to establish the veracity of this eyewitnesses account. Unfortunately this is never considered by the 9/11 researchers' who use this eyewitness's account as evidence of "no planes at all".

Some logical questions:

Where was the eyewitness located when he didn't see the plane hit the South Tower, which led him to believe it was a "bomb" he witnessed?
  1. Where was the eyewitness located when the explosion happened?

  2. Was he located on the "North side" of the face of the South Tower?
  3. What view of the sky or building did the eyewitness have which led him to determine "no-plane" hit the South Tower and believe it was a bomb? 

These are all legitimate questions to be considered before concluding that "no-plane at all" hit the South Tower. The simple answer is we don't know where the eyewitness was located at the time of second plane impacting the South Tower building. We know Rick Leventhal was located further-up by Church and Murray St, which is on the North side of the South Tower not far from the alleged plane engine which exited the South Tower and landed on Murray St. If this was the case that this Fox News eyewitness was located on the North side of the South Tower, then one might expect he didn't see the plane's approach and impact into the South Tower building, which might be why he genuinely thought it was a "bomb" going-off in the South Tower. There were many eyewitness accounts of "no-plane" regarding the South Tower event which were broadcast live on 9/11, however frustratingly we don't have their initial locations to determine exactly where their locations were and also their vantage points to the event of what they witnessed, as in the case of the Fox News eyewitness. 


Can we determine that this was a disruption of a "staged" news report? In my personal opinion "NO", because of all the reasons I raise above and the insufficient answers to the questions I've asked, however I do believe the news report was "genuine" not "staged", with a genuine eyewitness account who didn't see the plane who was possibly located on the North side of the South Tower where Rick Leventhal was located, which is why the eyewitness believed there was "no-plane at all" and it was a "bomb" exploding from inside the South building.

I am very sceptical of the person (Dimitri Khalezov) who posted this particular video which I have posted above of the Fox News "no-plane" eyewitness account. Much exposure was given to Dimitri Khalezov and his “nuclear demolition” of the WTC buildings on 9/11. Dmitri cannot explain Hurricane Erin's presence, nor the silent disappearance of the WTC buildings. Looking at his theories of a "nuclear furnace" created beneath the WTC which as he says "melted down into" is pure nonsense. We saw the steel turning-to-dust and empty basement levels at the bottom of the WTC!! 

I suggest reading this chapter; “Re-incarnated” WTC Nuke Theory and Dimitri Khalezov, in Andrew Johnson's "free" book: 9/11 Finding The Truth  

I can only conclude that Dimitri Khalezov has put-out "disinformation" in attempt to "muddle-up" or to distract people away from Dr. Judy Wood's evidence she presents in her book; Where Did The Towers Go? Plus, by posting the Fox News eyewitness account of "no-plane at all" suggests in people's minds the possibility of the use of "video fakery" and "staged" news media broadcasts which calls into question the 9/11 video evidence record, something heavily promoted by Simon Shack to discredit Dr. Judy Wood and to cover the use of a "Directed Energy Weapon" to destroy the WTC buildings, and also to conceal the use of an advanced "image projection" technology system which was captured in the videos and photographs of the plane impacting the South Tower, thus not by use of "inserting" fake CGI planes into the 9/11 video footage. 

Another article of interest regarding eyewitness accounts is Andrew Johnson's Going in Search of Planes in NYC

Thank you for reading!

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