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My Conversation with 9/11 Eyewitness & Videographer Jim Huibregtse

By Mark Conlon

Short introduction:

In this blog-post I'm going to share an important conversation I had with Jim Huibregtse, a first hand 9/11 eyewitness and videographer in NYC at the time of the first plane strike and the rest of the events in NYC. Jim huibregtse captured the North Tower's damage roughly 5 to 10 seconds after the first plane hit. The reason for my contacting him was because I had cited his video as evidence against Simon Shack's claims regarding the plane shaped hole being made bigger using photo-shopping in Richard D. Hall's show and my blog articles. Jim's video proved that Simon Shack was wrong. I also wanted to know what video camera he was using, when he videoed the North Tower's damage. (Brief clip of Jim Huibregtse video) below:


I also expressed my concern that people who videoed the plane hitting the South Tower were accused of fabricating their videos, something which I do not believe after studying most of the video evidence involved. I want to thank Jim Huibregtse for answering my question, but also thank him for offering "extra" information which I did not ask him about, out of respect really because of the sensitive nature of the event and being only a week after the anniversary. Also I'd like to thank him for letting me share this conversation publicly, as his eyewitness account is helpful to help us all understand what may or may not have hit the towers. 

Conversation:  18th September 2017
Mark Conlon: Hi Jim. I'm contacting you to ask if you could tell me what type of video camera you videoed your 9/11 footage with if you can remember? I have been doing research into some of the videos of 9/11 you see. Just to be transparent with you, I believe all the videos and photographs are real, and I have always been against people who suggest otherwise and challenged people who say so. I would be grateful for any information that you could help with. If I've offended you in anyway contacting you out of the blue like this, then I apologise for that, it wasn't my intentions, and would understand if you do not reply back. Kind regards, Mark Conlon.

Jim Huibregtse: Mark the camera used was a Sony DCR-PC1, with an external microphone, with a suspect cable. At times I forgot to turn the microphone on, hence the silence on some of the footage, and at other times, the cable added some clicks and pops as my hands moved about the camera. There's been no alteration of the original footage, it's straight from my original footage. Hope this helps.

Mark Conlon: Hi Jim, thank you very much for responding and answering my question, I really do appreciate you taking the time to do that. Yes that answers my question. Just to ask, can I refer to what you have told in this message, as this is a private message? Regards, Mark.

Jim Huibregtse: By the way, I just watched Part One of the "Layers of Deception". My last name is pronounced "hugh-brex". Also, I had (unfortunately) just shut off the camera seconds prior to the first plane flying directly over my head, and, as the Sony camera took several seconds to turn 'back on', I missed the plane directly overhead, which I would have been able to shoot with ease had I happened to have my camera running. A fact I'll take to my grave. However, with that said, and being a bit of an airplane enthusiast, I can plainly, and without hesitation, confirm that it was an airplane that hit the North Tower. It roared 700 feet above my head, and I got a full 3 or 4 second view of it passing directly overhead. Whether or not it was the plane in question, or some 'other' plane I obviously can't confirm, but it was a large 'commercial style' aircraft, without a doubt. Also, a friend of mine visited the Shanksville site sometime after the event for an editorial photo shoot, and he collected some bits of the aircraft, that were merely scattered about, and gave me a couple of (apparently) engine parts, postage stamp in size which I have somewhere, likely in storage. I'm sure any capable aircraft engineer could identify the part, and what aircraft it came from, unless of course, the items were planted there. To me, the evidence of a thermite fire, and molten rivers of melting steel supposedly from a fire of insufficient heat would be the avenues I'd like to see investigated. Also, the many eyewitnesses in the sub levels of the Trade Center who witness explosions prior to their collapse. To say nothing of the video evidence of "squibs". A spectacular event to say the least. Good luck with your investigations.

Mark Conlon: Hi Jim, thank you so much for this information. It really helps in the research I'm doing. Because of the sensitive nature regarding that day and what it left on people in NYC and around the US, I was debating whether to contact you or not. It was your video evidence which made me see through the "conspiracy theories" doing rounds on the internet surrounding the "video fakery" suggestions from Simon Shack and his September Clues. Obviously, your video was the first discussion area with Richard D. Hall in his show regarding Simon Shack. Regarding the plane, I'm glad you have provided this additional information to me. I believe people seen a plane, and I believe the videos are real. although have felt perplexed regarding the impact "crash physics" and some of the other anomalies in some of the plane videos, like disappearing wings which I've struggled to reconcile with myself and what it could be. I've hypothesised but cannot explain it. I'm very open-minded and explore or all areas, maybe they were "real" planes, however like you say not the ones we were told to us in the official narrative. Very interesting about the "Flight 93" debris which your friend found and what you have. Thanks also for letting me know about that evidence. I felt quite bad for the (videographers & photographers) who got accused of fabricating their videos and photographs. I started to expose the misinformation surrounding it all, hopefully to set the record straight. As for the thermite, there's been quite a bit of a back story to it and the person who introduced that theory - Prof Steve E. Jones in relation to the Cold Fusion "cover-up" in 1989. It's a bit much to go into, but if ever you get time or an interest in this area I will pop a couple of links which will explain it far better than I can. Also Dr. Judy Wood's presentation, again just in case if you ever have an interest in this area. Anyway, I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to speak to me, I do appreciate it and also how to pronounce your surname name Lol. Best wishes for now Mark. PS: Links I mentioned will be in a separate message below:

Mark Conlon: Dr. Judy Wood - Breakthrough Energy Movement conference in Holland, 2012

Jim Huibregtse: Thanks, I'll have a look.


Closing Note:
I'd like to thank Jim Huibregtse for his time and honesty in this conversation. His account is so valuable in helping us get to the bottom of the "no-planes" saga and to cut through the "disinformation" put-out by Simon Shack and others' too many to name here, regarding the 9/11 video evidence. I'm sure we can all agree, the videos are "real" and they were definitely not fabricated by the videographers. An object (plane) was observed and heard in the sky hitting the North Tower. I think "video fakery" is being exposed for what it really is which is disinformation.

Thanks for reading.... and caring!

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