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'One Born Free' and the Hezarkhani Video "Deceptions"

By Mark Conlon

In this analysis I would like to draw attention to a blog article which was published on 16th February 2014 by an "anonymous" 9/11 researcher who goes under the pseudonym 'One Born Free' (OBF). Article link:

The thrust of the article states that the Michael Hezarkhani video of 'Flight 175' impacting the South Tower is a "100% digital fabrication", defining that a plane was not inserted into a real piece of video footage, and neither a hologram was captured in the videos and photographs. 

In the article the author is not shy of naming people and organisations who he believes lack "imagery analysis" skills to conduct research of the video and photographic evidence of 9/11. Does this suggest he believes he does possess such "imagery analysis" skills? One might interpret his comment that he does consider himself to possess such "image analysis" skills, especially after naming those who he believes are "guilty" of not possessing such "image analysis" skills. Note, the author has not disclosed his "real" name or share his identity, considering the people he has named so far in his article have. This is something which has to be considered, especially if you are going to present research which you cannot put your name to, or identity.   

Judging by the author's assertive intro in his article, one might expect the piece of video evidence which he submits as conclusive proof of the Michael Hezarkhani video being "100% fabrication", should stand-up to serious "image analysis" scrutiny. 

My Analysis of OBF's Evidence:

According to the author he cites a gif image of the Michael Hezarkhani video where he claims the plane in the video remains "stationary" while the South Tower building moves across towards the plane. Note, the gif image which OBF cites as his evidence is from an "anonymous" source. The only referenced is from someone called teardrop - " The teardrop analysis". The person has not identified themselves who created this gif image. 

When watching the video gif image below it has a red line centred in the middle of the video frame, this allegedly demonstrates that the plane is stationary and the building is moving. It does appear quite convincing evidence at first glance, as it does look like the plane is "stationary" and the building does appear to be moving to the left in the video.

When studying the above gif image closely there appears to be one glaring flaw which really stands-out, which needs to be discussed and thoroughly explained if we are to understand how this deceptive "illusion" was created.

The first important point to make is, we are "NOT" looking at the complete video frame perspective of the Michael Hezarkhani video. The gif image has been "re-framed" to fit around the plane. The outer peripheral view has been cropped out. I've highlighted this by inserting a "white box" in the image below, which illustrates what we are not seeing outside of the "white box"

So I can thoroughly analyse the video evidence I've also inserted some coordinate marker lines into the video image, this is to help me with my analysis so I can determine whether or not the plane is stationary, or the building is moving as alleged, and also to assess the panning of the video camera. What we can determine so far is, we are NOT seeing the "complete" frame image in the gif images which the author cites as his evidence.   

Proving the plane is moving and the building is stationary...
Firstly, I'm going to use the first video frame to plot some "marker" points on the first still video image below. This will consist of a "centre" yellow line set in place in the centre of the frame, along with a red line positioned where the plane is located in the gif image cited by OBF. I have run the rie line straight through to the top of the frame and positioned a "white box" as re-framed in the gif image around the plane. I also placed an orange line positioned on the left hand side of the South Tower's top edge. I can then use these three plotted reference marker points when I overlay them onto each of the following proceeding frames. This will allow me to determine any movement within the following video frame images. This will prove whether or not the plane is "stationary" or the plane is "moving" and also check to see if the building is moving, or if in fact if it is the videographer who is panning his video camera.

Below: I have overlaid the marker reference points from the first frame still image onto the "top" of proceeding frame. What are we observing and what can we determine from this? Note: I have also moved the "white box" which has the plane equally place in the centre.

I can determine that the South Tower is "stationary" in the frame, although note the orange marker line on the South Tower's edge has shifted to the left of the yellow central marker line. What does this prove? It demonstrates that the videographer is panning the video camera to the right. I can also determine that the plane is moving towards the South Tower because the red "plane" marker reference point does not line-up with the overlaid top red marker reference point, as it has shifted to the right when compared to the red marker on the "original" frame overlay. This conclusively proves that the plane is "not" "stationary" as suggested by OBF, and is travelling towards the South Tower. Please also note how the "white box" which is centred (re-framed) around the plane with the red line in it, looks like the gif image, which gives the "false" impression that the plane remains central and stationary. (Nice illusion until you observe the "outer" information in the full video frame, where the red line has shifted out of alignment with the red line outside of the "white box").

The same shift out of alignment can be observe in the other proceeding frames, when the "original" frame marker reference point lines are overlaid, See below:

An important point to make is that the two re-framed images above show that the centre red line in the re-framed "white box" perspective appears to be following the plane. This is how the illusion (deception) is achieved, making it look as though the plane is "stationary" and the building to be moving to the left, when in reality this is not the case, as it is the re-framing "white box" which is tracking the plane. You can only create this illusion if you don't see the surrounding peripheral information of the "full" video Michael Hezarkhani frame which shows that the red line on the proceeding frames shifts out of alignment, which is why you have to "re-frame" the video image and remove the outer viewing information, or else this illusion will not work. It is the information we don't see outside of the "white box" that is the key to creating such an illusion and deception. See below:     


Above are four images taken from my proceeding frames analysis. When you observe these four images "without" the outer information outside of the "white box" it appears like the plane remains "stationary" and tracked prefectly with the red line, yet the information outside the "white box" in the full video frames tell a different story. 

The illusion is created by "re-framing" the frame to follow and track the plane, and then inserting a red line to give the impression that the plane is remaining central in the re-framed image. In simple laymans terms, the full view video frames have been "cropped" to follow the plane and keep it central in the new "re-framed" gif images, to create this clever illusion.    

The only conclusion that can be reached for creating this deception and motive behind this disinformation is to cast doubt in people's minds that the Michael Hezarkhani video is fake. This deception can only be interpreted as a "deliberate" act to which to create such an illusion and go to such lengths to re-frame the video perspective shot to follow the plane's path and by inserting the red line which merely acts to increase its plausibility in the deception. 

The fact is, the plane was "moving" and the building was "stationary", which is proven in my analysis above. I have also demonstrated how this "illusion" was achieved. This was not hard to find out how this was done. My question is, why has OBF cited such a poor deceptive "hoax" as evidence?  Surely his high standard image analysis should've unpicked this illusion deception, just like I have.

Another "false" claim presented as fact by OBF...
Another point to address in OBF's article is the statement he makes as a fact, that people with hand held video cameras cannot track and video an object travelling at 500mph. This is again "false", and is not fact, especially when we apply this alleged fact to the Michael Hezarkhani's video. 

In my short analysis below I'm going to plot Michael Hezarkhani's reaction to the plane as it enters his video camera's lens. I have applied the same principles by plotting a reference point in the first frame, then overlaying the reference point onto the proceeding frames. See analysis below:

What I can determine from this analysis is, that Michael Hezarkhani does not react immediately as the plane enters his video camera lens view. I have highlight this by plotting Point (A) to Point (B). What we do observe is minor movement of his video camera, as the plane travels from point (A) to point (B). This is demonstrated because the yellow centre line overlaid onto the following frame shows that the South Tower remains steady in the shot, and the distance between yellow marker line and the South Tower slightly narrows. We do observe the video camera being raised slightly though. 

Michael Hezarkhani only begins to react to the plane as it is right in front of the South Tower, as there little react from point (A) to point (B). Only from point (B) onwards do we observe a minor reaction because the yellow centre line and the South Tower gap begins to narrow, as the videographer begins to pan the video camera to the "right" to track the plane. This happens as the plane is just in front of the South Tower building, is when we see video camera movement as the plane enters the South Tower, thus the South Tower crosses the yellow centre line marker, which I have highlighted with red circles on two of the still image frames below. 

This shows there is very little panning in the camera shot to track the plane, as the video camera remains almost centred throughout the video footage sequence, and only do we observe Michael Hezarkhani attempting to track the plane at the very last second as the plane is in front of the South Tower building in his video footage. 

So it appears that a "false" point has been raised here by OBF. Surely if OBF has studied the video footage correctly he would also reach the same conclusion as I did which I've demonstrated in the still images above. 

Another point raised by OBF but one that has been dealt with by myself some years ago is Michael Hezarkhani's location. An interesting note, I could only get Michael Hezarkhani's video location to match-up in Google Earth by being on the top deck of the ferry boat docked in Battery Park: See details below:

Also OBF talks about an unstable platform. This is exactly what we observe in the Michael Hezarkhani video, the slight rocking of the ferry boat. See below:  


As we observe in the two frames above, the video footage is unstable and shows slight tilting of the camera shot, which is from being on-board the ferry boat, which is what one might expect from being situated on a boat. 


There are two distinct areas which really stand-out in the conclusions of my analysis. We had an intro by the blog author OBF, where he named names of 9/11 researchers' who he believed "lacked" any real skills in simple "imagery analysis". What has really stood-out in my analysis here is, he "himself" has demonstrated a complete lack of "image analysis" skills, by not knowing that he has cited fraudulent evidence of a "stationary" plane and "moving building" in the Michael Hezarkhani gif image which OBF endorses in his article. 

As you can see from analysis, this was merely a "deceptive" piece of gif imagery made by someone called teardrop in 2007-8 which was easily debunked when I demonstrate how the illusion is created. There's no doubt that the gif he has provided as evidence was "deliberately" made to deceive people. The questions which now have to asked are, did this "creative" deliberate illusion deceive OBF himself? Or, was he party to promulgating disinformation?

Again it is clear, the main thrust of OBF's article is to cast doubt over the Michael Hezarkhani video footage, something which has become a characteristic over the years for promotor's of "video fakery" to do. Is this because the videos are actually real and show an image of something which was not a real physical plane, thus disseminating disinformation in an attempt to hide the fact that an advanced "image projection" technology was used to create the illusion of plane crashes?  It is clear that Simon Shack has been promulgating falsehoods in his September Clues films, so one must consider carefully OBF's close alignment with Simon Shack, or should I say Simon Hytten.

This case is now closed! 

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