Sunday, 26 February 2017

Flight 175 - Still in the Air After Crashing into the South Tower on 9/11 ~ MSNBC

This is a screen-shot of Flight 175 still in the air after crashing into the South Tower on 9/11 on MS-NBC's news coverage approximately one hour after Flight 175 was reported as crashing into the South Tower. In the news coverage they go to their real time 'flight explorer' tracker whereby they hover over different planes being displayed on the flight explorer screen-shot which displays information about the planes which are still in the air-space from the FAA Radar System. As they hover-over one of the planes an information text box appears next to the plane. What was displayed in one particular information text box next to the plane was the Flight - UAL 175, Departure - BOS and Arrival LAX, clearly indicating that Flight 175 was still in the air flying after it was reported as crashed into the South Tower. Flight 175 appears to be flying away from New York (if it ever was over New York) and towards Connecticut one hour after the crash?

Below: Enlargement, along with 'additional' inverted colour version comparison:

Clearly in the above image 'Flight 175' Departure from BOS 09:15a and Arrival LAX 01:44p.

See My Short Video Below:

See Full Coverage Videos Below:

(Part 1) MSNBC Live Coverage of September 11, 2001
(Part 2) MSNBC Live Coverage of September 11, 2001

The official radar flight path does not correspond with any position location in the MS-NBC News coverage, which is an official FAA Radar System, so this can rule-out any real-time delays, plus Flight 175 was located North-West of Connecticut in the official radar positioning when departing from Boston Logan Airport for Los Angeles LAX when making its detour towards New York. The MS-NBC radar position has Flight 175 more South-West of Connecticut one hour after the plane crash. 
Official Flight 175 Path Below:


The question has to be asked. If Flight 175 was still in the air one hour after the alleged crash at the South Tower, where was it heading to...? Clearly it did not crash into the South Tower, but was en-route to somewhere? The question is where? Possibility... Was it heading back to Boston Logan International Airport to be grounded, as the direction it seemed to be heading could suggest that? Or was it directed to another location? Again I'm speculating here. 

Another possibility could be: Flight 175 was part of the training exercises taking place that morning and was a phantom flight blip on the radar system which didn't exist at all..?
More research needs to be conducted to gather more information and evidence before making assumptions so these questions can be sufficiently answered. 

*IMPORTANT* This is an on-going article which is being updated as I gather more information about this research. I will be having more to discuss about this so check back soon...

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Richard D. Hall ~ Discusses the No-Planes Theory and the Video Evidence of 9/11

This is a short video segment of Richard D. Hall discussing the no-planes theory and the video evidence of 9/11. Some of the areas covered are: Impossible Speed of a Boeing 767 Airplane, Crash Physics and the Video Evidence.

I'm posting this video so people can get a heads-up and understanding regarding the no-planes theory on 9/11, and also the video evidence, and why the videos are 'real', not 'fake' as some people like Simon Shack, Ace Baker and Markus Allen promulgate to people.

Please visit Richard D. Hall's website: for more information.